Paw Prints Pet Boarding 

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Paw Prints hopes that you will find everything you will need to know. Paw Prints Pet Boarding believes...

Quality Care for your Pet-Peace of Mind for You!

A Word about Doggie Daycare: this is something that isn't done occassional day is fine, but NOT as a daily, ongoing practice.  


Lets take a look...

Paw Prints Large Play Yard

Grassed, fenced, 60' X 60'+ yard. Smaller yard not seen. (20' x 20')

Paw Prints Dog Room, one side

Each run is 6 1/2' deep and 3' wide. Two 'large pens' available for multi dog households (3-5).

They are 61/2' deep and 10' and 14' wide.

Paw Prints Cat Room

Complete with extra-wide window sill, cat climber/scratch post and couch. Cats are turned out in the room, but not into the great outdoors. New "Suite" available now.